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Winnie The Pooh Book by A.A. Milne  1944   $45.00
From Left to right ,wood santa by TK $45.00, Back taller wood santa by Don Lawrence  1990 $65.00, Santa by Liz Cooper $55.00, and old cardboard santa $4.00
Sweater $16.00
Jeans $8.00
Gingerbread pattern material with ric rac on hemline and matching panties and bow $10.95
Also includes package of 6 gingerbread cookies
Socks $.80
Fall yellow dress with red ric rac trim on bodice includes matching panties and bow $9.95
Scoks $.80
Bright blue dress with candy corn pattern/matching panties and bow $9.95
Socks $.80
Sweater $16.00
Pink flower dress with puff sleeves and matching panties and bow $18.00
Socks $.80
Hat $9.98
Bright flower dress with matching panties $9.95
Hat $9.98
This is the 2009 Vogue "Trick or Treat" Ginny.  The table/chair/table cloth and other ginny size items are included in the package for $85.00 SOLD OUT
These are some pictures of scenes gals participating in the luncheon have put together for the  2009 Roycroft Luncheon. .
Guess which one won our competition!
These are some additional pictures of those who attended the Roycroft Luncheon 2009:
These are photos of some neighborhood young men who happened to be dressed for some attention.  They got it!!!!!
This was the centerpiece raffled to one person per table.
2005 Roycroft Luncheon Doll.  10yr. anniversary $125.00
This is 2008 Roycroft Luncheon Doll.  The white hat was included to match the MEP postcard.  $85.00 accessories included
White dot on black with matching painties and white and bow $9.95  Jacket  $6.50
This white on white dress stictched in black thread and four buttons, matching panties and bow $10.95
Red cotton dress with matching panties and bow. Bodice machine stitched pink and green $15.00
Striped shirt $4.50
Red overalls $9.50
Red dot on white with red ribbon trim on hemline and puff sleeves / matching/bloomers and bow $23.95
Presently out of stock
Red/white dress with matching bloomers and bow $10.95.
Sweaters to the left: solid colored $14.00 and multi colored $16.00
Pooh dress $12.95 w/bloomers and bow

Early pencil box with baseball player paper cover
Jumper/striped shirt and matching socks $16.95
Gold and black flannel pajamas with knitted footies  $10.95
Gold sweater with black cat $16.95
Black cotton pants $7.00
Gold dress with white ric rac trim/ bow/ bloomers   $9.95
Pink dress with small white dots/white ribbon trim on hemline and daisies on bodice.  Bloomers and pink bow  $12.95
Lime/white dress with matching ruffle from neckline to bodice.  Bloomers/bow/and small ice-cream cone  $12.95
The doll above is the 2011 Roycroft Luncheon Doll with items  included (except for the dog) $85.00 with doll or $60.00 with outfit and extra luncheon items.  Included is a ceramic rabbit with a pink ribbon harness attached to wooden cart holding 2 chicks.  (wagon is held by velcro)  dress is light lavender with white dots, and matching panties.  Bodice has thin black ribbon, and neckline has white collar and white cuffs on sleeve.  Hat with purple ribbon streamer in back and matching purse.  Hat box with small hand mirror.  White socks and black shoes.  White birthday shopping bag with Easter paperdoll cutout.  Mini Easter basket with variety of Easter candy ( Made by Carolyn Owen.)  Mini Margaret Evans postcards, as well as 2 larger postcards to match luncheon design.  Most items were made by the Ginnyladies of East Aurora.  
Pictures to the left  are taken from the Ginny Luncheon at the Roycroft August 13, 2011
Roycroft Ginny Luncheon 2012.  Early MEP New Years postcard was used and incorporarted into 4th of July theme.
Pictured at the left is an outfit  1/26 made for the Vogue Ginny Luncheon at Swirls Market Cafe 2013
"Scroll down the page to view other outfits and special doll events"
From left to right is pictured                          , Jennifer and Ann Gelarden, Bev Schnelling (Aunt Bev), Delores Vitello,  and Candee Termer at the Doll Luncheon in Utica
The 18 photos  above are from the High Tea at Salvatore's Garden sponsored by 4 The Love of Dolls doll club with Doll Artist Kathleen Rumfola,  2012.
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Boy sunsuit $9.00 Dress w/bow and panties  $14.95 to order
Sold Out
 MEP Easter outfit for Ginny's 2011 Luncheon at the Roycroft
Ginny lovers dream:  1954 Tri Mates MIB.  $325.00
Strung Ginny in original case with rare advertising card
Gift box for outfit
June 1.12014 Luncheon at  Salvatore's - 4 The Love of Dolls Doll Club

Wardrobe includes dress,bow, panties, sunsuit, sweater.  
dress, panties, and bow $12.95
Red dress with scotty, bow and panties $12.95
Peacock inspired wardrobe with same theme in dress design and sunsuit,  Sweater also included
Table, chairs, table cloth, ghords available  $16.95